Mechanical Fire Dampers

For more information regarding the different styles of available Fire/Smoke Dampers : Please visit Lloyd Industries, Inc. 


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Fire Dampers are typically intended to be used as part of the HVAC duct system when passing through a fire rated barrier (walls, partitions, floors). The trigger mechanism is a heat fusible link that when activated, impedes the migration of high temperatures into and through the duct system.

UL, AMCA and Damper Manufacturers Require "once every 6 months" Damper/Actuator cycling to ensure proper operation of fire/smoke and smoke rated Dampers during a Fire event.

Fusible links

Fusible links are temperature sensitive fire protection devices designed to be part of a fire protection system. The system is activated when the ambient temperature increases to the point that causes the fusible link to "break-apart". At the point of breakage, it releases the pre-loaded fire protection device, thus restricting the spread of fire.

~ Dampers West ~ Fire Damper ~

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